Among Us –  A Mafia Concept Multiuser Game

The game Among Us was released in 2018, and more than 60 million people prefer to play every day. Meanwhile, it’s like a card game “Mafia”, a little bit difficult game and exclusively plays online. In this game, there is a spaceship as well as a group of astronauts, which are called impostors.

Nowadays, Among Us can conquer the hearts of millions of gamers. There are 2 teams in the game; one is a crewmate, and the other are impostors. The impostors’ task is to win the game by killing all the crewmates, on the other hand, the crewmates’ task is to find the impostor. In short, the game is similar to the peasant-vampire game.

In other words, Among Us is the dark horse game, developed by InnerSloth. However, the coronavirus epidemic has put everything in its place: in just a couple of months, InnerSloth attracted tens and hundreds of thousands of new players, moving to the tops of all possible app stores.


What Is the Essence of Among Us?

Indeed, Among Us draws its ingenious and straightforward concept from the board games. It’s complex rules, strong friendships and a lively atmosphere attract all the gamers, which in the end led to each party.

Among Us, there is an attraction of deception and bluff, because if you want to successfully complete the game round, you will learn to spin. In every round, there is a combination of bad and good guys both groups have their own ways of achieving the goal.



The gameplay is absolutely ingenious and straightforward. Meanwhile, the central place of events is a spaceship, and the main characters are 4 to 10 brave astronauts who really want to continue their journey, if not for one problem.

 First, the spacecraft for one reason or another can’t continue its flight, and one of them is not an astronaut at all, but an alien creature whose goal is to destroy the entire crew.  Those who are fortunate enough to play the role of a traitor must get rid of all members of the ship as well as commit sabotage interfere with the advance of the team. Their goal is to remain the last living person on board the ship. The goal of the team rest is to complete various tasks, which are selected at random each time.

To ultimately win the game, a player has to complete all the tasks, such as refuel engines, download data, fix oxygen tanks, fight off asteroids on the way and achieve different attractive goals. All these tasks are presented in the form of mini-games that are designed for smartphone screens, but on the PC version, you can comfortably go through with the mouse.


How to Win at Among Us?

 All events are divided into two phases. The first is active running around on assignments. The crew performs the assigned tasks, trying not to be alone and carefully watching what is happening. If one of the traitors is careless and falls under the suspicion of the crew members, everyone runs when the alarm button is on. In the Among Us game, you will get the opportunity to speak out, substantiate your claims and vote for who will be sent overboard.

It is straightforward to figure out because all the creatures running around the map have their own personal colour. Therefore, voting does not turn into a farce, taking place as calmly and thoroughly as possible. 

Short Review of Among Us:

Among Us is a 2D cartoon arcade game where 4 to 10 players try to get their spaceship ready for departure. However, everything is not as simple as it is observed because several users are hidden killers. However, this gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the Mafia game, but the fun in Among Us is clearly more.

The game project also has cross-platform gameplay between Android, iOS and PC, the function of customizing heroes, a considerable number of characters and tasks that must be completed in missions.

Also, if you consider that your child should play or not you can look at these adults review!

Game Graphics:

The game design of Among Us is quite simple. Two-legged little guys of all colours of the rainbow in minimalist spacesuits. Donations are available, but not in DLC format. Fortunately, it will not affect your earnings because it will only affect the appearance. The colours are muted in the 2D picture. Nothing more to add, it doesn’t hurt your eyes.


  1. Game mechanics based on the “mafia” concept
  2. Feel like a hero of a meme
  3. Well-written sci-fi surroundings
  4. A psychological thriller game atmosphere
  5. Great piece of logic and deductive abilities
  6. Works even on the weakest devices
  7. Cheats for murder and sabotage no longer work.
  8. Available on PCs and smartphones.
  9. Live process online, no boring bots and NPCs.
  10. There is no hard donation.


  1. Some technical roughness
  2. It isn’t easy to find an adequate lobby.
  3. Perhaps this is another hype and will repeat the fate of Fall Guys.
  4. Monotonous gameplay and situations can get boring over time.
  5. Sometimes cheaters can ruin the whole atmosphere.
  6. Common problems with servers, not polished server side.
  7. Minor bugs and shortcomings that are fixed over time.


Among Us is a great game that attracts every gamer. In addition to a unique gaming experience, you will learn to distinguish truth from lies, deflect suspicion from yourself and increase your attentiveness level.

The game is a symbol of innovation and certainly did not set trends in the industry. Overall Among Us has excellent graphics, convenient controls, endless emotional component and comes with simple tricks to become successful in-game. Exciting gameplay provided that you find yourself surrounded by the same enthusiastic players.

There is a new breath between us and other online games of the same genre that is recently released from the same assembly line. The concept of the game is based on the famous “Mafia”, but still, the developers have managed to remake the game in their own way.


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