Devil May Cry 5: Spartan’s Boys

Before Starting:

I was shuddered when I remember the day it was announced at E3 2018. After 11 years of waiting, they finally announced Devil May cry 5, a REAL sequel… I heard the rumors, but I didn’t believe it. Since 2009, I had lost my hope on capcom. I did not look at capcom with the same view even though I thought that they understood some things with Resident Evil 7, which released many soulless games that try to instill American culture in their games. But the rumors were true and the game I’ve been waiting for years was looking at me. When I saw that the game was made not by ninja theory but by capcom, I said to myself, yes, that might be the game I was waiting for.

Devil May Cry 5 Review


Introduction To the Story of Devil May Cry 5 :

The game begins 5 years after devil may cry 4. Nero started to live with Kyrie in these 5 years, received a franchise from Devil My Cry and continued to hunt demons. One day, while Nero, in his garage, someone appears behind him and pulls off his arm which is hidden Yamato. After a while, a devil named urizen invades the world, releases the roots of the tree that feeds on the blood of people called qliphoth, and spreads demons everywhere. A man named V hires the devil my cry team to catch urizen, and the story begins.

Devil May Cry 5 Mechanics:

Nero: Since we lost our devil arm, we can no longer do our pull, push, launch finisher movements like in devil may cry 4 and we cannot take the form of devil trigger. Instead nico gives us robotic arms called devil breaker with different features. You get different features with these arms. (Ps4 Circle, Xbox B) When you press the button, you can perform the normal attack when you hold down the button, you perform the special attack, but; If you use the special attack the arm will be broken and will move to the next arm, if any. You can buy these handles from nico, or you can find them in specific places within the game that are placed in levels.

V: It has a range of combat mechanics, though not exactly different from the other two characters. We are fighting with 3 demons and a scepter movement, which has a finishing movement. Our bird named griffon, which makes ranged attacks, consists of our tiger named shadow, which makes close attacks, and a golem called nightmare, which we call with the devil trigger. V’s separate demons have separate health bars, they can rest and stand up for a certain amount of time if their demon dies during battle, or they stand up immediately when you activate the devil trigger.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

Dante: With the dante you have ahead of the game; As in the previous game, you can quickly switch between 4 close and 3 ranged weapons and create incredible creative combos. Like the old games, dante also has the Devil Trigger. Devil Trigger; It allows you to strengthen your weapons and cause more damage and more combos.

Devil May Cry 5 Review

My Comments On Devil May Cry 5 Mechanics:

(It contains spoilers. I suggest you skip this part if you haven’t finished the game.)

New game+ Nero is a total anime shit.


Nero isn’t fun to play from the beginning. Especially as someone who played old games, I think that nero was very limited at the beginning of the game. I do not think that they did this deliberately. Both warming up the game for the newcomers and making the character development feel very much felt at the end of the story, as nero gushed power up from the back of the story. Their design is very successful, they all feel different from each other. I can’t even decide which one is my favorite. Only Mega Buster, Pasta Breaker, which comes with the DLC package among them, remains weak. (I don’t count the Sweet Surender, at least it has a function haha.) The only thing I don’t understand is why we have to explode the Devil Breaker to switch to another, I couldn’t understand why they followed such a path..

Dude! This charachter is so dead ass…


Actually, I enjoyed playing V at first, but the character’s mechanics were very shallow and the reinforcement was not very satisfactory, so I got bored quickly.. Another problem is V. He is cheasy tho; You can skip most sections just by spamming the keys from where you lie down. The only time the character is in trouble is to escape until the demons awaken, as there is no defense mechanism to protect him when his demons die, and your Devil Trigger bar is often full, and you rarely fall into this situation. This situation probably happened to me twice in Devil hunter mode, and it is entirely due to my not paying attention to this and spending the Devil Trigger. In short, I think the design of the character does not fit the game.

The Old-Ass Gangsta:


From the moment you play with Dante, the game becomes completely different, I don’t know what could have done better with the synergy between new weapons. When they brought instant weapon and combat style change in Devil May Cry 4, it was much more enjoyable to play with dante, but I did not expect that they could develop so well. Even after you finished the game, which is up to your creativity, I opened it for a long time and played it over and over again. They followed a path, maybe they didn’t want to deal with it. Maybe they just focused on the character’s purpose just to do tons of damage and didn’t care about the satisfaction of the combat, I don’t know why but it’s sad to see the potential actually spent.

My comments on Devil May Cry 5 Story:

(It contains spoilers. I suggest you skip this part if you haven’t finished the game.)

Dante’s saying ‘dead weight’ to nero at the beginning of the story adds motivation to nero and it was successful that the game made you feel this in every way with the story flow and gameplay My only problem is nero’s power up gushes from his ass at the end of the story, the man is by far the most powerful character of the universe. This dude, punches dante’s face as “you wait here and I will take care of the matter” And Dante couldn’t stand up. I would prefer them to process its development.

You may notice from the Devil May Cry 4; Since Yamato could only interact with those who had Spartan blood, Nero managed to trigger the weapon. It was not difficult to know that the man who ripped Nero’s arm was Vergil, after he took the Yamato inside, immediately opened the portal.

Learning that this bastard is also his father, nero, as the representative of Asian culture in the last war: if he says that we should hold hands, let’s win one last peace I wouldn’t surpise… MAN THIS IS BULLSHIT!

One thing in the story came as a surprise to me that I did not realize that V was connected to Vergil until the end of V’s story. ;I was reading on a couple forums that says v is actually Vergil his name started with V. Okay, sherlock, we apologize for not understanding this. Anyway, However, I found it quite successful. it was completely inversely proportional.

Overview of Devil May Cry 5:

The game is a complete optimization monster Capcom did a very good job. The first computer I played this game had; i5 7400 1030gt graphics card and I was playing 30 fps stable at 900p at medium settings.I got quite good graphics and performance for such a computerThe color palette filter of the game is more vivid compared to other games. Devil May Cry 5 also used this event that we are used to seeing in the series continuation of today’s games. The story is better than ever throughout the series. I say this based on the Devil May Cry series, not based on the general story games, it managed to entertain me. They did a good job in terms of characters in general. Dante’s dirty beard is slightly aged, my man is a complete badass.


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