Set in Washington D.C., the game happens 7 months after a dangerous infection was delivered in New York City and the country has become a shell of its previous self. While the infection has been contained, its belongings are generally clear in the crushed roads of the country’s capital where survivors stick to expectation and battle to revamp. Enter The Division, a unit of non military personnel sleeper specialists who currently should attempt to prevent adversary groups from totally assuming control over the city – and at last, the country. As an all around respected seat of intensity, if D.C. falls, the country falls. With regular people powerless and dreading for their lives, players will be the last line of protection in forestalling the absolute breakdown of society.


Although the critics are voted high, there are some reviews that Tom Clancy’s The Division cause trouble and here is some critic reviews:

Variety (40 point)

It’s remorseless violence, repetitious and ingrained after only a few hours. The Division 2 becomes a passive activity, blind to basic narrative technique and crass in form. No characters stand out, no personalities prove memorable, while the ultimate purpose seems to only instill an eventual tyranny.


CGMagazine (50 point)

If you find this game’s story distasteful, especially considering the modern American political climate of misused government overreach, I really can’t blame you. Everything is political, it’s just that many don’t realize that things like the status quo or basic power fantasies fall into that category whether they like it or not.


XGN (75 point)

The Division 2 is a lot of fun to play, with loads of content to tackle both solo or in co-op. The game’s end game is massive with plenty of variety and new enemies. Although, overall, the game does not truly innovate, but more builds upon the original game.


GamingAge (100 point)

I would highly recommend Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 to just about anyone, even if you weren’t a huge fan of the first game. This feels like a much better attempt all around, and certainly scratches the same itch that games like Diablo and Destiny did for me. It also has plenty of initial content to explore, making it feel like a worthwhile purchase while the developer irons out the finer points. So absolutely give The Division 2 a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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