A couple month ago, Left 4 Dead 2 community has showed that they have a major updates on the game. To be honest, I was about to forget the game that I have on steam. With the new major changes, Left 4 Dead 2 took a deep breath to increase it’s potential to maximum. Here is some notes on changes:


  • The Last Stand campaign – The survivors choose to take a substitute way with expectations of salvation, yet is this way genuinely protected?
  • 30 brand new achievements – New and remarkable achievements to take a stab at!
  • 26 new survival maps – How long would you be able to get by against the unlimited horde?
  • 4 new scavenge maps – Wait, hold on… WhaT?
  • 2 brand new melee weapons – Chase down a Jockey with the pitchfork or whack it with the digging tool. Fulfillment ensured!
  • L4D1 infected – The L4D1 contaminated are back, and they’re more crimson than at any other time!
  • New and previously unused voicelines for survivors – Rochelle has a character voice now!
  • New character animations – New, improved and upgraded movements by our talented modding group!
  • Reworked gun models and animations – weapons now act like real weapons!
  • PvP enhancements and balance changes – New assault spots, new tank produces, and many new tainted stepping stools for the serious modes!
  • Official implementation of CSS weapons – The CSS weapons are presently accessible to everybody!
  • Brand new mutations Rocketdude and Tank Run – Ever needed to dispatch yourself around with a projectile launcher, or flee from crowds of tanks? We have you covered
  • Improved UI options – Singleplayer choice for more gamemodes, Versus Survival is formally brought to the fundamental menu, simpler gamemode exchanging, and new outro details!
  • Hundreds of bug and exploit fixes – The times of falling through lifts are no more!

And Here is the announcement video!

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