Godfall – Action in a Mysterious World

The Developer of Godfall “Counterplay Games” has described its mixed progress of RPG-style action loot. Whereas third-person melee combat as a new kind of genre. Godfall is the first game that upgrades its graphics card and next-generation console. Godfall was released on November 12, 2020, for various platforms such as PlayStation 5 and PC. So, let us continue to our Godfall review.

Sony’s latest version PlayStation 5 and godfall released to be played on PCs will not be used in Microsoft console games. Godfall, which is the first game announced for Playstation 5, introduced it to users at the awards games events in 2019.

However, the gameplay is absolutely gorgeous from its reflection to the lighting effect. The Players will have to destroy monsters and get various equipment as well as weapons to destroy them. The basis of the project is loot, which significantly affects the gameplay and fighting style. You can create your own assemblies. The game offers single-player modes, where the latter supports more than three players. 

Godfall review

PC Requirements for Goldfall Game

Players are too excited because of HD sound and high image quality in promotional videos. Meanwhile, godfall is only playing on PCs above a certain level. If you don’t want any interaction between game, thus you need to consider the given system requirements:

  1. Windows 10,
  2. 12 GB Ram,
  3. NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB
  4. AMD Radeon RX580 8GB
  5. AMD Ryzen 5,1600 / Intel Core i5 6600Your PC should have these minimum features for Godfall are likely to experience different problems, but the latest version didn’t have any.

How to Play the Godfall Game?

The Godfall game is all about the story of the legendary Valoria knights. In the game where you start as the last of the Valoria knights, it is up to your skills to determine the fate of Aperion, who is about to disappear. The Valor armour, which makes wearing an unstoppable level, can only be equipped by master fighter Valoria.

The knights of Valoria take divine power and play a protective role with unimaginable weapons. Meanwhile, God Macros is your ultimate enemy in the game where you will fight your enemies by climbing the element land.

Of all, the first game in the looter-slasher genre, seems to raise the bar for melee combat games a lot. Various weapons and equipment can be collected on the map. The character can be developed once as you complete the missions and progress.

Containing relentless bosses and realistic fighting scenes, the game offers a realistic combat excitement to gamers with its magnificent weapon and armour sets.

Godfall Game Universe

Indeed, Godfall game covers a completely fantastic universe. The game managed to fill the player’s eyes with graphics reminiscent of God of War. Additionally, the gameplay alone as well as multi-player option.

Goal play with a third-person camera angle that put the player into the Godfall’s universe with realistic camera movements. Because of its gorgeous graphics, players can clearly select every detail from every angle.

Godfall review

Godfall Game Highlights

The game is included as a perfect role-playing game category that has many features. Gearbox Publishing and Counter Play Games meet all the demands of gamers and offer a unique next-generation gaming experience. In addition to the ability to play alone, the game, which offers the opportunity to share the excitement with two or three-player modes, seems to make a significant impact from the day you release it.

The highlights of the game;

  • Role-Playing Game
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • For three people
  • Looter-Slasher
  • Third Person Camera Angle
  • Loot Oriented

Even the prominent features mentioned above all are enough to keep players curious. It is the first game with a looter-slasher feature in new generation games that makes the game more memorable.

Godfall builds a new place in the modern generation console games, stands out as a looter-slasher game focused on close combat. However, the game has different weapons and equipment that can be collected from the missions with the mission system, and offers a visual feast to the players with flaming swords and colossal armour.

Godfall Key Features

The main features of the game ‘Godfall’ are as follows:

  • Adventure in exotic landscapes from the ground reefs of the Waterland to the underground red forests of the Earthland.
  • Five weapon classes with unique play styles and a variety of long swords, poles, combat hammers, giant swords and double blades.
  • Learn new skills to uncover legendary weapons as well as level up with devastating effects on the battlefield.
  • Divine Zodiac-inspired armour sets that allow you to smash every enemy between you and the Macros, while Unlock 12 Valorplates
  • Test your skills, challenge yourself against the most formidable enemies and earn top-notch loot in Tower of Trials.
  • Join the fight alone or with friends in the three-player PvE online co-op.


  • A colourful and majestic fantasy world
  • The chart design inspired by armour and bestiary
  • An accessible and demanding combat system
  • Extensive improvement and customization of avatars
  • A rich bestiary (+70 creatures including 15 bosses and mini-bosses)
  • A playable co-op adventure


  • A pretext scenario and an underexploited lore
  • An omnipresent and problematic repetitiveness
  • AI waits for enemies
  • A cooperative mode limited to friends

Final words:

To summarize briefly; there is a beautiful visual of the game in the fluid combat system. There is potential at the core of the game, but maybe it came out too early to get the new console released, maybe other problems occurred.

Godfall is a new war game video, in which the player will be able to choose from a variety of weapon classes for instance long sword, double blade, pole, two-handed war hammer as well as a massive two-handed sword. Each will have numerous ways you can use to defeat your enemies.

After the first few hours, players develop their interest level before suffering from a repetitiveness which significantly deteriorates the game experience.

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