The Leader has invaded Bruce Banner’s contorted mindscape. He was at that point hyper-genius, yet what abhorrences would he be able to release with the quality of the Hulk? He won’t simply waltz in and dominate. This is the Hulk we’re discussing. There will be a battle and it’s a major one.

The impending peril that the Leader speaks to is immense. That is startling all by itself. Envision your most noticeably terrible foe in a real sense getting into your psyche and assuming control over your body. That is a chilling idea. Making this much additionally agitating are the broken characters inside Banner’s head. They’re all battling for what they believe is correct, albeit some are greater at that than others.

The enormous fight descends between the Leader, in the body of the Green Scar and the Devil Hulk. This is a kaiju-style standoff expertly showed by craftsman Joe Bennett. I love the amazing way the boards appear to be knocked off a framework, as though the battle was a lot for the page so everything has been stirred up.

Bennett carries character to every variant of the Hulk. There’s a straightforward variant that is solid as could be, however looks so exceptionally gullible. Difference that with the amazing and evil nature of Leader as the Green Scar. At that point there’s the Devil Hulk, a textured beast completely, that simply needs to keep Banner safe. Inkers Ruy Jose and Belardino Brabo catch each agitating subtlety in these adaptations while letterer Cory Petit gives every one a special voice with various textual styles and styling.

Where the craftsmanship truly stands apart is obviously when body ghastliness becomes an integral factor. Undying Hulk has been conveying that for a very long time and this issue is the same. The Leader’s structure turns and bursts out in unnatural manners. His appendages become excessively long. Body parts lump and jump out of spots shouldn’t. His face parts open to overwhelm his prey. It’s as nauseating as it is amazing.

There’s a foreboding shadow looming over Banner’s mindscape, fitting given how the Leader is attempting to dominate. Colorist Paul Mounts makes a premonition tone with each page. There is no sun sparkling here. It’s more similar to the nonattendance of light, encompassing these gamma-fueled figures.

It is really amaze me that When I thought I understand the immortal hulk series but in the every single value, there is always something interesting and outstanding. This is a really nice horror comic that I had never seen in ages. The writer, AI Ewing is making an impressive job. I’m looking forward to see other issues.

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